Saturday, August 16, 2008

Many Treasures

OK, so this is my first attempt at posting. Thanks to Jennifer I actually have a blog. First, Krista came home from her mission on July 31st. The whole family was here except our other missionary Tomas. It was fun to have everyone home. The grandkids are REALLY cute! They all left on Aug 6th. That same day my Grandpa Dawson passed away. He was 97 so I guess he was ready. My mom's death was really hard on him. I debated whether or not to go. Krista was speaking on Sunday (the 10th) and I really didn't want to miss that! Plus, the expense. Then my Uncle said it can be paid for out of the estate so at the last minute I found a flight that would leave Sunday evening. I flew all night arriving Monday at 9:30 a.m. The funeral was at 2:00. It was a good service. My brother Tony spoke after the minister and he did a great job. Later that day my Aunt Shotsie invited us to go to grandpa's house to see if there was anything we'd like to have. I of course was searching for family history treasures, and I found some! I found my great grandparents wedding certificate, a ring that belonged to my great grandma, a broach that belonged to my great great grandma, and a plate that belonged to my great great great grandma. I also have names that I didn't have before. There were also a few things (a pocket watch and a shaving blade) that we think belonged to my grandpa's dad that my nephew kept. He knows that if he ever doesn't want to keep them to send them back to my family. That was a pretty exciting find!