Sunday, October 12, 2008

A great man died

This past week I went to a funeral for our Stake Patriarch, former Stake President and dear friend Parley Hamblin. He had the gift to make you feel like you were the most important person in the world to him. Come to find out everyone thought they were his favorite! One of the speakers shared a dream that Pres Hamblin had several years ago while he was Stake President. He dreamt that he and the previous Stake President Von Pulsipher had decided to start an ambulance business. They worked hard getting all the latest and coolest equipment for the ambulance. When they were finished they realized they no longer had any room for their patients. So they got an old trailer and hooked it up to the back of the ambulance. That would work. Suddenly they were informed of a great disaster that took place and off they went to help. When they got there they tried to part their ambulance with the trailer. One of them did the parking while the other was directing. After several tries the one said to the other, "I can do a better job than that." So they switched placed and continued to struggle to get the ambulance and trailer parked. When they finally had it parked they went to help. But all they found were corpses and as they approached each corpse it disingrated before their eyes as if the stirring of the wind from their bodies blew the ashes. They went from body to body only to have the same thing happen. He then awoke. He shared this dream in a leadership meeting with the Bishops telling them something like, "Brethren, we get so caught up in the programs that we lose the meaning behind them." Brother Anderson then shared some "Parley wisdom" ... "Perfection isn't doing everything perfect, it's doing what's most important really well and doing the rest quickly." My love to you Parley!