Monday, December 22, 2008

The Male Brain

Let me first tell you about an incident that happened a few years ago. I went looking for my large silver bowl but couldn't find it. It turned up in the garage filled with motor oil. Tomas didn't know what else to use. That became a family joke. Well, Saturday morning I went to the cupboard as I always do in the morning to take my vitamins. I have a new liquid vitamin that I take, but it wasn't there. I searched all the cupboards, but no vitamins. A little while later Krista came down with them. They were in the bathroom upstairs. I chuckled because I had told David the night before where the Xylitol was that I wanted him to start rinsing his mouth with. (the dentist told us that Xylitol will actually heal cavities) I figured he didn't listen to my directions and rinsed with my vitamins instead. So, I went and took my vitamins. They had kind of a weird taste. Almost like cologne. I didn't think more about it until last night when I said, "David, by the way. The Xylitol is in the butter cupboard, what you used was my liquid vitamins." "Oh, well actually I just needed a dropper so I could transfer my cologne from one bottle to another." No wonder I had a headache and felt dizzy for 2 days! He nearly didn't live to see Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking in Memphis

David performed at a recent school concert playing and singing Walking in Memphis. I tried to upload it to my blog, but couldn't get it to work. I tried to send an email link directly from YouTube, but I'm not sure if it worked so now I'm posting the link here for you to watch it if you want to.