Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brain Dead Family (amazing we aren't dead!)

So, this family has too many brain dead people in it.

Brain Dead #1: Mom. Mom puts beans on to cook and then decides to take the big dog to a self serve dog bath place and then grocery shopping. As she is leaving it dawns on her that she put beans on the stove to cook. She calls home a few times and finally Dad answers the phone (with the smoke alarm going in the back ground) "Yes, you did try to burn down the house!" The beans were literally ashes at that point.

Brain Dead #2: Tomas. Tomas hears the smoke alarm, sees the house filling up with smoke so he opens the windows, decides Mom wants to cook that way and then continues playing the video game.

Brain Dead #3: David. David is in bed sick. He also hears the smoke alarm, smells the smoke but also hears Tomas playing a video game so he decides to ignore it and go back to sleep. (with the alarm blarring!)

We all went to church today smelling like a fire. The house still smells really bad.
It is truly amazing sometimes how we ever manage to survive.